Elizabeth McDermott, founder of Resilient Praise Inc. in West Palm Beach, Florida, and author of Resilient Praise, has centered her life around the dedication to and support for hopeless and lost young women. Elizabeth developed a passion for helping others through her own life’s trials and tribulations. Her book, and her message, are all inspired by her own experiences.

Elizabeth knew that she had a calling on her life, but ran from God for many years, though his mighty hands of protection always upheld her life.

After finally rising above and becoming her best and happiest self, she came to realize that God had called her to minister healing and deliverance, with a comforting, down-to-earth approach. She shares her journey with young women, in order to help them succeed in everything they do, and to realize that everything and anything is possible. She lives to tell her story to many nations, and inspire many women to understand and embrace the power of God – if he did it for her, he can do it for anyone.

Elizabeth McDermott is a dedicated wife of Rodrigo and mother of De’zha Mailon, Zoe Ayana, and Shaleek Adrian. She was born in Monticello, NY to the late Elder Tom Turner, and Florence Turner.